Model for us

At we're always looking for new people to work with, so if you're interested in a shoot, or would like more information please read carefully the following details.

Firstly, we treat all our models with respect, we do not seek to degrade or denigrate those we work with. We're highly professional in our dealings with models and we expect the same in return.


You must submit this application and pictures only for yourself and not on behalf of third party.

Applicants should include at least 5 recent photographs, well lit, focused and of decent quality. Poor quality "selfies" will often be distorted because you're too close to the camera. 2 pictures should be full length nudes (front and rear). Other pictures should show the style and level of shoot you're happy to work to stills and/or video. Photographs will be used by ErosPort to decide whether we wish to proceed with a test or photo-shoot. Submitted pictures are for the selection process only and will not be published or shared with other parties.

We also need to know if you have experience of this kind of work. We work with amateurs, part-time models and full professionals.

Model Levels

Erosport works from erotic art-nude (full frontal not implied) to adult levels in stills and video. There are many adult levels ranging from open leg to hard girl/girl and boy/girl. You should state your upper level of work. We are able to offer "anonymous" where models can remain anonymous by hiding their face. Please note, you will still have to provide accurate and current ID.

Legal & ID

All models must be 18 years or older at the time of the shoot and will be required to submit picture ID for age verification and other employment regulations. Models will also need to sign all neccesary releases for publication.

So if you're happy with all that then please forward your application (with required photos and details) to

We look forward to working with you. team.